We love Mother’s Day – in fact, we love it (and our mothers’) so much that we host our 20% sale near Mother’s Day each year. Why? Because we think every mother deserves to stand in comfort. To buoy, energize, comfort and support mom like she does for us. Think of it as #GivingBack!

With over 300 styles to choose from… which mat is the right mat for your mom? We are here to help you find your mom’s MATch. Whatever ‘type’ of mom do you have, we know she will love the gift of pure comfort underfoot. It just might make you mom’s favorite.

So, let’s celebrate and reward this amazing woman with a thoughtful, enduring gift that always gives back.

The Homemaker/SAHM

This mom is on her feet and running from thing to thing - 24/7. From completing mountains of dirty clothes and dishes, to helping the kids with stacks of homework, and always there with a hug of encouragement, this mom stays a step ahead. She makes sure everything’s covered. So, let’s give her a break. Let’s alleviate some of the stress, strain and pain of her feet, hips, knees, back and other extremities. Cushy yet durable, easy to clean and anti-microbial by design, it’s the perfect addition to the Kitchen or for spicing up the Vanity. Let WellnessMats work its magic in nearly any application or setting. This heroine of the home deserves something as unique, lovely and ‘tough’ as she is. We recommend our monogrammed Signature Series, because she’s one of a kind!

The Mompreneur

Over 70% of mothers are employed in some capacity, and a growing number have started their own business. Whether it’s spending countless hours at a standing desk (trust us, it’s worth it) or tinkering away over a workbench or a potting station - fatigue happens. WellnessMats is like an administrative assistant, providing the kind of ground support needed during the course of a busy day. Immediate relief is just a step away, and with a 20-year performance warranty, mom’s business has a lot of time to grow, prosper and thrive before she’ll need another mat. For this mom we recommend either the MaxumMat or our Original - because she certainly is!

The Fit Mom

Not only does mom take care of everything “mom life” throws at her, she needs to remember to take care of herself too. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cross-fit, weight training or just a walking regimen are all great ways for her to keep in shape (and sane). Yet these activities can be strenuous on joints and muscles in the lower body. Regular exercise will be a great payoff, but only with proper preparation and support. The Fit Mom will find her peace with WellnessMats’ fitness mat, a stationary anti-fatigue floor mat uniquely engineered for comfort and support during exercise. The FitnessMat suspends body weight while reducing the impact on the joints and lower extremities during exercise, so mom can avoid injury and reap the benefits of staying active longer.

The Pet Parent

For those moms who have a close connection to a canine companion, they already understand that this pet is part of the family - parents to fur babies as they say. Pets have different needs throughout their lives, and their health demands different levels of care and attention just like people do. WellnessMats for pets is the perfect place for a new puppy to nap, reduces joint fatigue on larger/older pets hopping down from a couch, or simply a capacious surface for expecting canine mothers to relax while carrying a litter. If mom travels with a pet, the Pet Mat makes a perfect crate liner or pad for the back of the car.

Mother Nature

We are all children of this earth, and a Wellnessmat for your favorite gardener allows her to sit, stand, and kneel in comfort. Not only is our CompanionMat made for the kind of situation in which portability is essential, it has an extended life cycle and is recyclable making it ideal for the environmentally conscious. Digging in the dirt and planting has never been quite so pleasurable.


Here’s the bottom line: mom will stand on it, and we stand behind it. Whichever type of mother she may be (or you may have), all of that hard work deserves the best, and that means WellnessMats. Give the gift that really does keep on giving comfort and relief all year long. Mom’s legs, ankles, and lower back will thank you every time she smiles. There is a WellnessMat to meet every mother’s needs.

Don’t forget that we offer unparalleled discounts for Military, First Responders, and Teachers - for the moms who protect, serve and get to school during snow days...mom is the backbone of the family and the community.