More than a pet bed, Wellness PetMats provide a healthier and safer alternative to a traditional dog bed. Recommended by veterinarians, this therapeutic solution reduces the onset of chronic conditions and ailments that commonly occur in aging pets such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, pressure sores and more. The soft, yet stable structure contours to the body, providing neuro-skeleton support to evenly distribute weight and reduce impact with immediate recovery and bounce back, promoting better long-term health. Wellness PetMats is vet recommended.


    • Distributes weight evenly for joint support
    • Contours to the body to prevent pressure sores
    • Smooth, sealed surface is easy to clean and sanitize
    • Helps regulate body temperature
    • Beveled edges for easy transition
    • Cushioned yet firm, providing sure footing when standing up
    • Orthopedic comfort and support for every setting

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