During National Military Appreciation Month, we celebrate the hardworking service men and women who are responsible for protecting the freedoms and liberties that many of us tend to take for granted day to day. Our brave military selflessly serve, fighting to maintain our way of life. While there is always debate about particular freedoms in the US, our right to speak up and speak out can be attributed to our military for protecting our freedom to choose while protecting us from foreign powers.

As a company that takes great pride in manufacturing all of our products in the US, we are especially thankful for the support of our military. Our ability to produce high quality, anti-fatigue mats to meet the growing demand of American consumers can be directly correlated to our enduring success as a nation.

It stands to reason; why else would companies and consumers take such great pride in selling (and buying) American-made products? That single act supports local economies, putting jobs and money back into the hands and pockets of our hardworking families, friends and neighbors; it rejects unfair labor practices overseas; it consistently produces higher quality products. What better way to thank our military than by pitching in to protect our strength and independence.

As such, it goes without saying that we love our active, retired and veteran military service men and women. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Military Appreciation Month.


5 Reasons We Love Military Appreciation Month

  1. Memorial Day –  May 28

Many people enjoy Memorial Day as the kickoff to the summer season, taking a long weekend to open the pool, light the barbecue and do some much-needed yardwork. While it’s great to enjoy the start of summer, it’s meaningful to retell stories of relatives and friends who fought and died in service of that esteemed goal. Whether it’s a war story or a favorite memory from home, we immortalize our loved ones in memory.  After all, making the extra effort to thank a veteran or send them well wishes is more of an obligation than a courtesy, isn’t it?

  1. Military Spouses Day – May 11

Military spouses makes sacrifices for their country just like their spouses do in times of peace and war. They accept full responsibility on the homefront, paying bills, working and raising the kids in the absence of their mates, quietly bearing the emotional toll with the knowledge that their spouse may be facing danger. Since WWII, we’ve actively supported military spouses for their dedication in many special ways. The ‘Rosie the Riveter’ campaign not only encouraged women to go to work in American factories, it became a notable piece of American history steeped in conspicuous symbolism: American women are incredibly strong, equal parts smart and stoic, deserving of our admiration, respect and equal treatment. It’s a big part of what we fight to protect.


  1. Armed Forces Day – May 19

Many of us have loved ones who currently serve in the Armed Forces. Whether the Army, Navy, Marines or the Air Force, we’re honored to know people brave enough to fight to protect us...it’s nice to know someone has your back. That piece of mind comes at a cost, and we can’t take it for granted.

  1. Loyalty Day – May 1

Recognized every year with a proclamation by the President, Loyalty Day celebrates our devotion and allegiance to the U.S.A. It’s difficult to argue anyone is more loyal than a military serviceman or woman, but we all show our loyalty in different ways. Companies do so by manufacturing in the United States, supporting American companies and protecting jobs. First responders do it by protecting our citizens. And most of us do it when we say the pledge of allegiance.

  1. VE Day – May 8

Although it doesn’t sound American, “Victory in Europe Day”, celebrates the defeat of the Nazis in WWII, which meant we were very close to ending the most destructive conflict in world history.  Today we still fight alongside allies for what we believe is right and that means sacrificing lives for other great countries, too. America’s greatness can only be understood in relation to its global dominance and strong international relationships.

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Thank you for your service.

May 23, 2018 — MO Marketing