If not managed, your basement can quickly become an eyesore and overcrowded. Basement organization is as simple as following these three guidelines below. If you’re ready to get started cleaning up your basement and making it a livable space, keep reading!

Continually Declutter

Before you start tackling basement organization, take a look at everything you have in the room and decide what should stay and what can be thrown out, donated or relocated. By getting rid of unneeded and unnecessary items, you’ll increase the space you have to organize the items you do want to keep. Repeat this process every one to two months and you’ll stay on top of clutter and maintain your basement organization with ease.


Using sturdy shelving is perfect for basement organization. It allows you to stack, sort and arrange the items in your basement. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top. This prevents heavy items from falling on top of you as you reach to pull them down. It also helps stabilize the shelving and keep it in one place.


If you’re like most homeowners, you keep your holiday decorations in the basement. Organize your items by season or holiday, keeping all the Christmas decorations together and those for the Fourth of July in one spot. This will prevent endless searching in different places to bring up all the decorations you need. Basement organization done by season is also a great way to keep all your fall, summer, winter and spring items together in one area for the time that you need them.

The trick to successful basement organization is as simple as keeping the previously mentioned tips in mind. Remember that it’s an ongoing process and to spend a little time every month evaluating the state of your basement.

March 30, 2018 — Marketing Dept