Nowadays, Americans have treated health and wellness with more concern and caution over the last several years. People all over the country take more care of their diet, mental health breaks, and exercise more than ever. A consideration not often thought about is how you stand.

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety (CCHOS) provides scientific data showing that a great anti-fatigue mat can decrease foot and lower limb disorders for those who stand in one position for long periods. Additionally, an anti-fatigue mat is great for reducing stress and tiredness in someone who stands for a prolonged period.

There are some considerations when picking an anti-fatigue mat. One is the quality of the material used should provide real anti-fatigue value and made-to-last. Some mats can also become hazards if humans aren’t taken into consideration becoming uncomfortable or even trip hazards.

Characteristics of a good standing mat: proper thickness a mat that is too cushiony will feel uncomfortable and hard to stand on, and a mat too rigid will diminish the anti-fatigue value. Mats should not have corners that curl up as this can be a dangerous trip hazard. Mats should hold their shape, no matter how much stress or bending is done to the mat, it should retain its shape as if it were brand new. Beveled edges are also a key part of a great anti-fatigue mat as they are less likely to be trip hazards and are more friendly to wheels rolling over them.

 All in all, the proper anti-fatigue mat will provide much-needed relief while you stand and can provide utility in the kitchen, the workplace, the home office, the grill, and more! Make sure you have enough energy at the end of the day to do what matters!

October 07, 2022 — Eric Barber