As mentioned in last week's article a great anti-fatigue mat offers long-term benefits to your health and wellness by alleviating stress on your lower joints and offering comfort wherever you stand.
While comfort mats are great for your health you also want them to look great for your home. The right mat can be a great complement to the look and feel of any room in the house! A mat that offers long-lasting comfort should keep its beauty even longer!
To ensure maximum care of your mat consider these cleaning tips:


  • If your mat is stained clean up the stain immediately with soap and warm water on a rag, mop, or towel.
  • Check to make sure underneath the mat is smooth and free of debris and moisture wipe accordingly.
  • Cleaning with warm water should be done roughly every 2 weeks
  • Sweeping with a broom is safe for most mats.


  • Avoid using a bristle or brush attachment as this can damage the hand-washed paint on the mat.
  • Heavy-duty vacuums also have the potential to scratch the surface of the mat.
  • Chemicals of any kind as they are often corrosive or acidic and this could eat away at the finish or the mat itself
  • Wearing pointed heels on the mats as this could lead to indentation there cleaning tips will help ensure your mat looks great to the eyes just as it feels good to your feet! The right mat will fit right in with any home décor.
October 14, 2022 — Eric Barber