Awesome House Products You Never Knew Existed

This post contains product samples that were provided for post consideration. All views expressed are my own.

In one week it will make a month that my family has begun the move-in process to our new home. Things are finally a lot less stressful now that we successfully closed on both homes. I had no idea just how crazy the dual selling and buying scenario could be. Let’s just say I am sleeping a whole lot better these days now that the fear of carrying two home mortgages is a thing of the past!

To celebrate our new home, I reached out to some of my favorite brands that I think you all will love too! I wanted to curate a sort of off-beat list of cool housewares, and decor finds that will hopefully also peak your interests. There are some really cool products, and I am so excited to share these finds that are good for the entire family!



Timberchic Reclaimed River Wood- Looking to transform an accent wall, kitchen backsplash, or island with some rustic charm? Then, Timberchic is for you! We were able to take a plain, boring wall in one of our living spaces, and make it a cozy, eye-catching focal point on our main floor.

This green company is awesome in that they literally pull logs from a river in Northern Maine and mill them into these thin planks that feature 3M on strips on the back of each. They are easy to apply, and the pattern possibilities are endless. Learn more about how you too can re-model a space in your home for less than you think with Timberchic.

bioBidet– We received the A3 Series Model and let me tell you, this thing is the real deal. Installation is easy and can transform virtually any toilet into a functional bidet. If you are unsure what a bidet is, it is a toilet that washes your behind after you #2. It is a green mechanism in that there is no need for flush-able wipes, or excess toilet paper. This bidet features different settings that 100% can get your bum clean. For just $59 you can green your home. We love that this is super helpful for our septic system and will result in less overall paper product waste.

wellnessmats: You all know I love to be in the kitchen cooking! Whether I am cooking, baking, washing dishes, or just plain old cleaning, I find myself gravitating to my kitchen area. The only issue I had was that it can be tiring for my feet. That is why I wanted to show off this Estates-Shades of Silver Wellness Mat. Not only is this anti-fatigue mat gorgeous, but it extends the whole length of my stove, and sink area making it such a practical investment. Wellnessmats have a plethora of mats for any activity or space. Find them for yoga, pets, outdoor grilling, garages, and more. They are built to last and super stylish so you will be sure to find a color, size, and shape for your area needing some comfort!

Hang-O-Matic– Ok, so now that I have a new house with perfect, hole-free walls I did not want to chance botching them with multiple nail holes as I have done in the past! With the simply, yet effective Hang-O-Matic, I can easily hang my many pieces of wall decor perfectly the very first time. For only $14.99 you can give yourself the assurance that you are getting the job done right the FIRST time!

Axe & Hammer– High Quality, Authentic Prints- Nothing completes a home like decorative prints. We received a stunning, framed print from Axe & Hammer to feature on our site. This print was taken by one of their talented photographers. His name is Jason Hatfield and he is from Colorado. I chose his image titled: Autumn Sunrise Over Sneffels Range because I found it to be breathtakingly beautiful!

All of Axe & Hammer’s prints evoked such emotion from me and really had me wanting to purchase some additional prints. If you are looking for gorgeous captures from around the globe, you should check out Axe & Hammer. I guarantee you will be super mesmerized with their extensive print collections.


Legrand– Dimmers, Switches, and Home Automation products- In our old home, I must admit, we had a really “smart” home. The lights could be controlled with a swipe, the thermostat was state of the art, and we even have a blue-tooth bathroom fan. It took years to get to that point, but we are slowly making this home automated, and smarter.
We were able to choose some products from their homeowner’s radiant® collection. These products will make for a smarter and more functional home office space. The USB Chargers with Duplex 15A Tamper-Resistant Outlets are awesome for making our charging area more functional. Gone are the piles of connectors and wires. With these outlets, the USB slots are built in for a direct connection. We also received a 120 volt CFL/LED Dimmer in white. This product is perfect for nighttime work where I don’t need the full -strength of my LED lights.