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    When performing home tasks, working or standing in the kitchen, treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort. With its wonderfully cushioned layer of support, this therapeutic mat supports your feet, allowing your body weight to be suspended while easing tension and exhaustion.

    • The greatest in shock absorption and a reliable "bounce back" are produced by a thick layer of cushioning made of specially developed polyurethane material.
    • In business settings like hotels, airports, and restaurant kitchens, this is the go-to anti-fatigue mat.
    • The mat is resistant to heat, fading, stains, punctures, and cracks because it is made to handle normal wear and tear.
    • Progressively trimmed edges always lie flat and lessen the chance of trips.
    • Promotes better circulation, posture and muscle conditioning.
    • Non-skid bottom and non-slip top.
    • The mat's built-in antibacterial qualities make cleaning it simple.
    • 20-year warranty from the manufacturer.
    • Commercial Grade Quality: carefully crafted and masterfully developed to satisfy exacting specifications and industry best practices derived from specific commercial testing.