Some of you may remember our review of WellnessMats for us humans. We continue to
happily use our WellnessMats in front of our kitchen faucet. It has alleviated our back pain we experienced while washing the dishes.

Recently, we discovered that the same company that makes the WellnessMats also has a line of mats for our best friends, our pets. We received a sample PetMat in the mail from the company, so we can test it in real life with our two dogs and our cat. The PetMat we received measured 18”x22” inches with 1-inch thickness. We placed it in front of the water bowl that is shared by our two dogs and cat. And we observed since our pets could not give us verbal feedback.

We immediately noticed that our cat, a 22lbs Maine Coon, started to spend more time
watching her reflection in the water bowl. In fact, we observed that she started to lay down on the PetMat and prevented our dogs from accessing it.

We then moved the PetMat and placed it in front of our dogs’ food bowls. Our dogs took a
liking to it and started to sit on the mat even after they finished their food. It feels plush to
touch, remains at room temperature and protects our floors from food particles. We can’t be certain for sure but, we think our dogs liked the PetMat. You can buy one online directly from WellnessMats.


January 08, 2018 — Marketing Dept