Just like people, dogs can suffer from anxiety. Whether it stems from a pet-parent’s absence or a thunderstorm, there are many dog calming products on the market that can help soothe your pet.

Before you add any dog calming products to your pet’s life, please consult with your veterinarian.


Many companies have created treats to help keep your dog calm and help them relax. They can contain lavender, lemon balm extract, L-Theanine or L-tryptophan, which all have known calming effects on dogs. Before using these dog calming products, be sure to check the label and confirm there are no harmful ingredients.


In some cases, wrapping your dog in a special anxiety-reducing shirt can help them feel safe and secure. These products are designed to provide pressure while the dog is wearing them, which releases calming chemicals. They can help with anxiety caused by thunderstorms, car rides, separation, travel and fireworks.


Next on our list of calming dog products are toys. Toys and puzzles are great ways to redirect your dog’s focus to something challenging from something that causes them anxiety. If your dog is focused on getting treats out of a puzzle ball or chewing on a bone, they won’t be thinking about the loud fireworks or the fact that you’re leaving the house without them.

Safe Spaces

All dogs need a place where they can feel safe and sheltered from stressors. Using a crate or kennel is one way you can give your dog a safe space. You can also add a Wellness PetMat to their crate or to an area close to you so they can lay comfortably while still being nearby.

Using one or all of these dog calming products can help keep your dog relaxed and manage their anxiety.