As the holidays quickly approach, chances are you’ll be spending more time wrapping presents now than you do throughout the year. Perfectly wrapped presents, no matter what shape or size, can be overwhelming and stressful.

We’ve put together a list of 4 tips for wrapping presents that will take the stress out of gift giving and make things merry and bright.

Wrap Sooner Rather Than Later

It’s easy to buy a present and hide it in your closet as soon as you get home, but soon your closet will be filled with gifts and the number of items you need to wrap will be overwhelming. Instead of letting the gifts pile up, wrap them as you buy them or in short bursts, rather than as one long marathon wrapping session.

When you do decide to wrap your presents, be sure to kneel or stand on a WellnessMat and support your joints.

Repurpose and Upcycle for Added Touches

If you think your gift needs a little added touch or something to spruce it up, try repurposing everyday items. Cut Christmas trees out of paint chips and add them to gift tags for cute holiday flair. Punch a hole in a wooden spoon and stamp it to create your own original gift tags. You can even use strips of magazine pages to create handmade bows or ribbon for your present. The repurposing and upcycling tips for wrapping presents are really endless, they just require a little creativity.

Size and Shape Solutions

This may be one of the most valuable tips for wrapping presents, as there’s nothing worse than wrapping that reveals the gift and ruins the surprise. If you’re in a pinch, you can always put your gift in a gift bag and top it with colorful tissue. However, you can wrap round objects by creating a flat-bottomed tube out of wrapping paper, smaller objects by putting them in cans or canisters, and long objects by putting them in long boxes.


If your budget is tight or you really like being original, the last of our tips for wrapping presents is for you. Buy plain wrapping paper or brown butcher paper to use when wrapping your gifts. You can then take a little paint and a pencil eraser and create festive, fun polka-dotted gift wrap. But you don’t just have to do polka dots, you can buy sponge shapes or go freehand to add trees, stripes, snowmen or reindeer to your presents, whatever best represents the recipient. You can also cut out gift tags and write a personal message or add a little doodle on them. Small personal touches like this show how much you care.

Whether you have a few presents or enough to fill up the back of a car, these tips for wrapping presents will help you keep your sanity this holiday season!