WellnessMats has been making standing a luxury experience for over 15-years, quickly becoming the leader in Premium Standing Solutions for all areas of your home and workplace. In recent years, the growing demand for premium ergonomic solutions has exploded. We are proud to be a significant part of this “Healthy Way of Life” campaign, and to manufacture premium mats that truly make a difference for our customers! What brings us the most pride of all is that our Premium Standing Solutions are 100% Made in the USA!

There is no doubt that many companies are enticed by the cheaper raw materials, unskilled labor, and the lack of stringent regulations when importing from overseas. WellnessMats strongly believes in producing only the highest quality products, supporting our economy and keeping jobs in America.

Being the manufacturer, we know that every mat ordered is handled and shipped with the same commitment, care, and concern from the WellnessMats Team. Crafted in St. Louis, Missouri with impeccable detail and care, each WellnessMat is individually cared for from start to finish.

We will never compromise our products, values, or integrity by looking for shortcuts.

Feel good about what you stand on, and even better about where you purchased it!


For more information on WellnessMats please call 1-800-981-4979 or visit the contact us page.

July 14, 2017 — Marketing Dept