Good 'ol Home Cooking

Preparing meals from scratch is ideal for a healthy lifestyle, but in the hustle and bustle of the week, time to do so is not always an option. Eating out, while more convenient, can definitely affect your waistline, and your wallet will take a hit too. Home cooking has been on the decline for many years, but fortunately, has once again made a comeback. “Fueling the momentum to cook more at home are the desire to save money (72%) and eat healthier (52%).” (Source: PRNewswire). With convenience still being an important factor in the ability to prepare meals at home, and with the help of the internet, many options are now available to accomplish all of the above.

Healthy Cooking with WellnessMats

Enter meal kits, a fast-growing trend among busy professionals, parents and individuals who are looking for the perfect blend of healthy options and convenient cooking methods for their diets. While there are many companies taking part of this $2.2 billion+ industry, Home Chef is one that has particularly grabbed our attention.

According to a March 2017 US Grocery Benchmark Study, “Home Chef has the highest rate of customer satisfaction among leading meal kit companies.” Stellar customer service is something that resonates deeply with the WellnessMats team and is one of our core focuses as a company. In addition, the weekly savings, quality ingredients, and menu variety ranked high on our list for why we love this meal kit option. Home Chef is currently the largest private meal-kit company in the U.S. by sales and was acquired by Kroger, Co. in May 2018. (Source: Supermarket News)

Home Chef Meal Delivery Kits

One of the most appealing aspects of meal kits (other than saving on prep time) is the opportunity to try new dishes and cuisines without the hassle of sourcing recipes and collecting ingredients. Even the more adventurous home cooks have the opportunity to expand their pallet and try new recipes or ingredients that they otherwise might not have bothered to. “My husband and I LOVE tacos…but I would generally stick to making 2 standard recipes and switch back and forth, claims Susan Dettloff, WellnessMats Brand Director. “I never would have thought to try making some of the unique combinations on our own. Since joining Home Chef, we have now tried at least 8 new varieties and love them all!”

Home Chef Baja Fish Tacos

Check out some of the recent Home Chef taco recipes including Baja Fish Tacos and Korean Steak Tacos.

It’s All About Variety…

When looking for the “right” meal delivery company, the number one deciding factor is generally variety and the types of meals that are available…in addition to price. Whether your household is divided with likes and dislikes, or you have diet restrictions or preferences (like vegetarian, gluten free, no seafood, etc.), a meal kit option with plenty of choices is key (Home Chef offers 15 choices per week!). When researching meal kits, take a gander at the sample recipes and options to choose from every week. Some kits are focused on organic-only ingredients while others may cater more to a specific diet, like vegan. Whatever your preference, choose what’s best for you!

So, if you’re finding that you just don’t have the time to prepare nutritious dinners on a nightly basis, meal kits could be a great way to ensure your health doesn’t fall by the wayside. With so many options to choose from, there’s no shortage of ways to get a fresh meal on the table with ethically-sourced ingredients you can feel good about.

Photo Credits: Home Chef