We love to celebrate the advocates of Premium Standing Solutions and those who promote "A Healthy Way of Life®". These retailers have gone above and beyond to support WellnessMats so we want to show our support by featuring some of our favorite products in their stores! We hope you will find some nice gifts for the holiday season and support our dedicated retailers. Below are our team's Top 10 Gift Ideas from retailers including Gifts & Things, LasCosas Kitchen Shoppe, Culinary Apple, Kitchen Kaboodle, and Whisk Carolina. 

Gifts & Things (Nebraska)


Joseph Joseph Whiskie Green

This is so neat and handy! I enjoy baking which means lots of mixing in bowls but it can be tricky juggling a whisk and spatula. This tool does both, making it quicker and easier. It's already on my wish list! 

Tag Melamine Platter Barnwood

I love this for casual meals or big holiday gatherings. The wood look is beautiful and will look great with other dinnerware styles. It just might be my new go-to platter for the holidays!


LasCosas Kitchen Shoppe (New Mexico)


Skyros Cantaria Collection

The collection comes in a variety of colors but I love the white! The painted edges create a unique look so no two pieces are alike. Being able to take the stoneware dinnerware from the freezer to the oven to the dishwasher effortlessly is a big plus for special occasions.

Taos Twist Flatware

The handcrafted design makes this flatware unique and a perfect choice for holiday gatherings! I'm able to choose the pieces I want, whether it's just the basics or a complete serving set. The option of tossing it in the dishwasher makes cleanup a breeze.


Culinary Apple (Washington)


Cuisipro Easy-Grip Squeeze Bottle

I love to bake and decorate and this will make decorating a breeze! The flower collar is the perfect hold spot. Plus, it's easy for small hands to fill and decorate cupcakes.

Zyliss Palm Held Pizza Slicer

Not only is this great for pizza, but for chopping herbs too! The palm-held grip design offers optimum control with less force. Looking forward to using this for the kids' pizza parties.


Kitchen Kaboodle (Oregon)


Finex Cast-Iron Skillet w/Brass Lid

The design of the 12" Finex Cast-Iron Skillet with a Brass Lid is just stunning! It offers an array of uses; stovetop, oven, and grill making this skillet essential for every kitchen. Keep everything shiny and new by frequently applying a small amount of vegetable oil, both inside and out.

USA Pans

Made in America, USA Baking Pans are truly non-stick with no need to grease the pans or use parchment paper. I find myself searching for new recipes just to use my USA Pans!


Whisk Carolina (North Carolina)


Epicurean Silicone Series Utensils - Large Spatula

One of the reasons I like these utensils, especially the spatula is the removable heads that make clean up easy. The large spatula is great for mixing, stirring, scraping, & folding ingredients. A simple but much-needed tool for the kitchen!

Microplane Premium Zester and Grater

I enjoy the versatility of this tool, allowing you to cut through hard and soft food without shredding or tearing. It also won't rust and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Best of all, I don't need to worry about my kids cutting themselves when we make pizza for movie night!