Anti-fatigue mats are recommended by The National Safety Council, OSHA, numerous ergonomists, industrial hygienists, occupational nurses, risk managers, loss control agents, safety engineers and insurance companies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2013, Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) related cases accounted for 33% (1 in 3) of all worker injury and illness cases.



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In recent years, the growing demand for premium ergonomic solutions has exploded, especially for industries where stationary standing occurs. We at WellnessMats and Smart Step Premium Performance Mats are proud to be a significant part of this "Healthy Way of Life®" campaign and to manufacture premium products that truly make a difference.

Smart Step Premium Standing Solutions

Smart Step has been a leader in the anti-fatigue mat business since 2000. Our mats are used by Homeland Security, TSA and 75 national airports, industrial leaders, the beauty industry, chiropractors and medical professionals. There is a premium solution for all of your standing needs!

Visit SmartStepFlooring.com to view all of our premium workplace standing solutions.

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