As many of you know Liz and Austin have been high school sweet hearts for about three years.  A few months ago they were engaged and now we are full fledged into the wedding planning stages of life.  While I  am the mother of the bride and have lots of things going on, I’ve been working with brands to help make their house a home.  They have gotten some super cool items from the Wedding Guide, but I think that one of the products that is the best they have gotten is the Personalized Wellness Mat with the letter D on it.  It is the perfect personalized wedding gift, that will keep giving for years to come.


WellnessMats The Perfect Personalized GiftAs you can see in the picture above it looks great in their kitchen (Yes, they got it early!) and they both love it because at the end of the day doing dishes on a hard floor is the last thing they want to do.  We went with a Navy Blue as you can see here and went with the Signature Collection because of it’s elegance and of course comfort. It brings a pop of color to any kitchen and they have lots of choices for colors as well as designs and the customization process is easy too! 

The Signature Collection bridges the latest in ergonomics, design, and customization and is super comfortable and a wonderful addition to the kitchen. The WellnessMats boosts energy, increases circulation and eliminates foot fatigue which is a must have for anyone. WellnessMats are made in the USA and come with a 20 year warranty so it will last them well into their married life.  I love that you can order online or sold nationwide through Williams-Sonoma, Frontgate and hundreds of independent retailers. Get yours today and make your kitchen more home like and rest your tired feet!

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