A study conducted by B&Q in the UK revealed that an average mother spends 3 years of her time in the kitchen.  Another study conducted in the US found that Americans spend average of 37 minutes a day in the kitchen preparing, serving food and cleaning up dishes.  All this research is enough to prove that we spend a good portion of our lives in our kitchens and working on our feet.  When you go to the gym to work out, you put on specialty shoes to lessen the impact on your body.  Why not take care of yourself in the kitchen?

Recently, we received a WellnessMat from their Signature Collection in the mail for testing.  We immediately put the product to use in our own kitchen.  We placed it in front of our sink, because let’s face it I wash the dishes at home while my wife cooks in front of the range.  WellnessMat is designed to reduce fatigue from standing in the kitchen for extended periods of time.  When you step on the mat, the first thing that you experience is a feeling of stepping on very soft springs.  You can’t help but think why Nike does not build running shoes like this. The Mat seem to evenly distribute your weight so you do not feel wobbly while standing on it.

I tested it for several weeks and I noticed that I did not feel the usual lower back pain during long bouts of washing the dishes.  In fact, I found myself standing on the Mat when I spend time with my family in the kitchen.  It became a very comfortable corner of our kitchen for me.  The Mat we received is 3×2 feet with ¾ inch height.  It is also personalized with first letter of our last name.  All of the products are made in the USA, stain resistant and come with a 20 year warranty.  You should buy WellnessMats for your kitchen for the health of your feet and back.  Just like you would not go to the gym without wearing proper shoes, don’t work in the kitchen without proper matting.

January 10, 2018 — MO Marketing