A business’s work environment can make or break its productivity, reputation and employee morale. Focusing on employee happiness is one way to improve all three and can be beneficial to both the company and the workers.

Here are five secrets to employee happiness that you can explore today.


Keeping a positive and upbeat attitude in the office will lighten the mood. This, in turn, will make the day and work feel like less of a drag and keep morale boosted. If the team spirit is elevated, productivity will increase and the atmosphere will stay fun and positive.

Ask for Employees’ Opinions

Everyone likes to feel valued and employees are no different. Ask for their opinions and show them that they matter. Make decisions based on employee happiness and the ideas they share with you. By creating a partnership with your employees, you are creating a bond whose benefits you’ll reap regularly.


While big perks will always get employees talking, small perks can also go a long way in employee happiness. Surprising your employees with breakfast one morning, an unplanned luncheon or the option to leave an hour and a half early on a Friday are all thoughtful, small perks to offer your employees.


Clearly defined goals give employees something to work toward. It will give them a clear understanding of what they need to accomplish and what direction their work needs to move.

Work-Life Balance

Offering health or dental benefits is simply not enough to sway most people looking for a job. Instead, potential employees are interested in positions that offer a positive work-life balance. Jobs that are flexible and allow remote working tend to have high employee happiness.

Spending a little time thinking about employee happiness can have a big impact on your bottom line and your work environment. Keep these five factors in mind and you’ll be on the right track!

November 11, 2016 — Marketing Dept