The new year is well underway, and you’ve still got a handful of lofty goals and resolutions for the new year that still require discipline, right? The holidays have come and gone, and it’s back to the daily grind of regular life. There’s no reason to settle for falling back into unhealthy habits, why be a statistic when you can defy the odds? You don’t need to conquer some great challenge just yet. You just need to find somewhere to start. January is when you can really set the pace for the rest of the year; keep improving and don’t become a late-January quitter…change is now, and it reaches well beyond 2018.

This one is a no-brainer for everybody; whether you work in an office, at home or find yourself at a desk like most of us for hours, the result of prolonged sitting can be bad for your health. You already sit while you drive, eat, watch television and so much more. You burn less calories and you’re not helping your core when you sit, it’s passive inactivity for your muscles, joints and extremities. The alternative is to get on your feet. While standing can have negative effects for people with chronic pain or circulation problems, an easy way to mitigate that is to have the right materials under your feet – body dysplasia suspends the body’s weight, requiring the body to move from one foot to the other, keep you in motion while burning calories and improving circulation.

Consider a Standing Desk Mat from WellnessMats, it offers a simple solution for every work environment. You can improve your level of comfortability while also increasing productivity. Support from the ground up lessens pain and fatigue by helping to balance your weight and increasing circulation. With better blood flow, you’ll have energy to stay focused and work hard all day long. 

Too often we hear our friends talking about improving their lives through New Year’s Resolutions and they either don’t do it or they have a massive overhaul of lifestyle changes. This is the easiest change you can make in your daily life to be a healthier you. You can live healthy by effectively “standing around.” This New Year is the time for a new WellnessMat and a new you.