When you’re at the gym, you think about your next exercise, count your reps, calculate how much weight you’re lifting, but you never stop to think about the gym matting that the equipment sits on, cushions your joints and takes a beating from dropped weights and burpees.

High-quality gym matting is absolutely essential to both big and small gyms. Here are 4 characteristics of high-quality mats you should keep in mind when purchasing.


First and foremost, gym matting should be designed to last. It should be able to handle the stresses of everyday use as well as hold up to moving equipment and people. Look for products that have good reviews as well as warranty and guarantee information available.


The ideal gym matting will be easy to clean and not damaged by standard cleaning products. You should be able to quickly clean it between uses or between clients. A mat that requires special cleaning methods and products may be more trouble than it’s worth.


High-quality gym mats will not only stand up to your exercise, they will absorb impacts, support your joints and cushion you. A mat with no support can lead to unnecessary injuries and possibly more severe consequences. Make sure your gym mat has enough cushion for the exercises you prefer.


If you prefer to do yoga over weightlifting or vice versa, you need a mat that will meet your needs. A small mat won’t work for the long, stretched-out poses of yoga, so you need to find a mat that offers multiple options or customizability to match your preferred exercises.

Keep these 4 things in mind when shopping for high-quality gym matting and you’ll be sure to find the best product to meet your needs!

December 12, 2016 — Marketing Dept