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Comfort Mats for Kitchens

Introducing WellnessMats comfort mats for kitchen floors, the leading anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat medically proven to promote better posture and proper circulation while reducing back and knee pains. Stop spending hours in the kitchen cooking in pain when you can enjoy cooking in comfort.

Highlight the "hotspots" on the image to the right to see how WellnessMats helps to alleviate pain in those problem areas.

Your Back

While standing, your back works hard to stabilize the body which can produce lower back pain and discomfort. Standing for longer periods of time can put even more stress on the lower back and spine. WellnessMats with its 3/4" thickness, and APT technology, reduces muscle fatigue and exhaustion by reducing spinal compression, friction in the ligaments and tendons etc. In fact, according to a study by Applied Ergonomics, "Use of anti-fatigue mats also stimulates muscle activity in the lumbar area and reduces lower back pain."

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Your Legs & Hips

Standing for long periods on a hard surface, without a WellnessMat, can cause poor circulation which leads to tiredness, aches, and pains. WellnessMats premier anti-fatigue floor mats provide a gentle "rebound" and buoyancy which encourages subtle movement of leg and calf muscles promoting better circulation reducing fatigue, aches, and pains in the lower extremities.

In addition to promoting better circulation, WellnessMats also relieve pressure and discomfort placed on the spine, legs, and feet by absorbing the pressure placed on feet, knees, and hips while walking or standing. It is all in our name: WellnessMats encourage health, comfort, and well-being.

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Your Feet

WellnessMats offer an unprecedented 3/4" of buoyant, yet supportive comfort underfoot. Our soft yet sturdy surface gently cradles your feet, greatly alleviating the stress placed on your pressure points in your feet, ankles, and knees.

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Benefits of the Leading Comfort Mat for Kitchens

  • Premium ¾” Thick Mat
  • Inherently Antimicrobial by Design
  • Safe & Non-toxic - Latex Free!
  • Easy to Clean - Just Spray and Wipe!
  • Puncture, Stain, Dirt & Heat Resistant
  • Non-slip Mat on Top & Bottom
  • No-trip Beveled Edges that Will NEVER Curl
  • 20-year Manufacturer Warranty

Sara Moulton

Executive Chef, Cookbook Author, TV Personality

“The WellnessMat is a Zen experience. It's so nice on your legs. When people come over and stand on my mat while cooking with me, they say, 'Whoa, I don't want to leave here!'”

To learn more about Sara Moulton and whats she is doing click here.

According to a recent study, anti-fatigue mats like WellnessMats can reduce lower back discomfort by 50%, tiredness by 70% and foot discomfort by 180%! With those kinds of numbers, you can’t afford not to invest in the leading comfort mats for kitchen floors. Choose from a variety of sizes, elegant styles and gorgeous colors to match any kitchen decor.

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