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Most back pain occurs when people are standing. WellnessMats® offer an easy solution by reducing the pressure on the feet, legs and back with a specially designed anti-fatigue mat. With designs for light industries like healthcare, heavy industries like manufacturing, or for use in the home, Wellness Mats has the right style for wherever you are standing. As a Corporate Partner with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), Wellness Mats are working with thousands of chiropractors across America to educate people about the need for anti-fatigue flooring as part of the solution to address the epidemic of lower back pain.

According to one recent study, anti-fatigue mats like WellnessMats can reduce lower back discomfort by 50%, tiredness by 70% and foot discomfort by 180%.

“For anyone who has to stand for longer than 20 minutes, WellnessMats are a must for better health.”

~ Dr. Mark Mandell, D.C., MBA

In the home, people stand over 90% of the time in only four places: kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and workbench area. At work, many people from professionals to retail staff to industrial workers spend six to eight hours a day standing, which can stress the feet, legs and back. Along with regular exercise, stretching and proper healthcare like chiropractic, using Wellness Mats can safely reduce the pressure on these areas.




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