As cold weather quickly approaches, it’s important to think about man’s best friend and winter care for dogs. From walks on snow-covered streets to staying warm when the temperature drops, you need to make sure your dog is adequately prepared. We’ve put together a list of 5 tips for winter care for dogs below.


Winter care for dogs starts with thinking about combatting the dropping temperatures. If it’s too cold for you to stand outside without a coat on, put a coat or sweater on your dog. It’s also important to keep them warm inside the house, too, since external temperatures also affect internal ones.


Fresh water is important for keeping your dog hydrated. Make sure you regularly check their water bowl to prevent it from freezing solid or getting too low. Also, don’t count snow as part of your dog’s water intake.


Winter is harsh on everyone. Make sure your dog has a cozy, comfy spot to sleep and rest while inside. Consider adding a PetMat to your home so your dog can rest comfortably.

Proper Grooming

While it may not seem like an important part of winter care for dogs, proper grooming is an absolute must! Do not bathe your dog too frequently, as it will remove essential oils that can help keep a dog’s coat thick as well as trap heat. It’s a good idea to check the pads on your dog’s paws for injuries and dryness, and moisturize them if you notice they’re not as soft as they usually are.


Since cold weather drives people and pets to stay indoors more, be extra vigilant. Holiday decorations, nosing through guests’ bags and stealing goodies off the counter are all activities that appeal to curious pooches and can lead to serious consequences. Be sure to keep toxic ingestibles out of your dog’s reach and away from their mouth.

Keep your pup healthy and happy this season by following these tips for winter care for dogs.

December 12, 2016 — Marketing Dept