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Comprehensive 7 Year Performance Warranty

9 out of 10 Consumers Prefer
WellnessMats® Over Any Other
Anti-fatigue Mat On The Market!

WellnessMats Five Star Rating
You Stand On It, We Stand Behind It!

Only WellnessMats offers the most comprehensive “Best In Class” 7-year performance warranty without having to register your mat. With our extensive and proven track record in commercial environments we can confidently stand behind this guarantee.

Your WellnessMat purchase is a wise investment. Let us show you...

A 3’x2’ WellnessMat has an MSRP of $119.95. When amortized over the warranted 7 year life expectancy, you will stand in unmatched comfort for only $13.17 per year.

WellnessMats® Warranty and Care

You stand on it, we stand behind it...

Remain Unmatched in Comfort

Standing is believing®. WellnessMats provide the optimum in comfort and relief. The ¾ inch polyurethane composite effectively suspends body weight reducing impact on the back, legs, and feet, while encouraging proprioception (rebalancing). This exclusive advantage results in unmatched and consistent comfort for a minimum of 7 years.

Always Lie Flat

The 20 degree, gradually beveled edges of a WellnessMat will never roll up, which prevents dangerous trip hazards. Distinctive to WellnessMats, our Advanced Polyurethane Technology includes 100% memory properties, meaning the mat is cured flat and will always remain flat.

Never Delaminate

The unique one piece construction of the WellnessMat eliminates the need for glues or toxic bonding agents that often separate in time. Our mats will never separate, bubble up, ripple, or tear as a result of broken down glues.

Never Compress

WellnessMats have an unprecedented immediate recovery (bounce back) and are guaranteed to never lose their form. The one-piece APT polyurethane construction will not compress (squish down) creating dangerous high and low spots or lose resiliency. This results in consistent comfort, even where the most frequent standing occurs.

Never Wear Through

Our advanced designs protect against high traffic erosion. Deterioration is greatly reduced with our premium polyurethane products.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Designed to provide comfort and well-being, WellnessMats require little to no special care. Clean it as you would your floor. It can be spot cleaned, swept, stick vacuumed (non-brushrolled) or mopped as needed. Most spills can easily be cleaned with a towel. For more difficult stains, WellnessMats can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Product Overview and Guidelines

With over 15 years of experience producing polyurethane products, WellnessMats are proudly and completely made in the USA. We comply with all stringent US regulations and guidelines, ensuring that the quality and materials are of the highest standard. All of our products are made from 100% pure polyurethane. Unlike many of our competitors, plasticizers or fillers that can be harmful or cause chemical reactions with flooring are not found in WellnessMats. Although extremely rare, our company research has discovered that some types of flooring that contain raw materials such as linseed oil may have a tendency to slightly discolor when covered. Similar results may occur with floors that may be sealed with non-urethane based sealers. It is our recommendation that customers contact their floor supplier to learn more about their finish. WellnessMats, LLC is not responsible for any reaction between our products and floors. WellnessMats are sealed on both top and bottom, making them water resistant. It is important that care is taken to ensure a floor is completely dry before a WellnessMat is put in place. To help prevent mat movement, periodically clean the bottom of your WellnessMat. For more information, call Customer Service. Enjoy your WellnessMats for many years to come!

Customer Service
For more information, call Customer Service at (800) 981-4979.