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About WellnessMats
Are WellnessMats Environmentally Friendly?
  Yes, our mats have a greater life expectancy, keeping WellnessMats out of the landfills thus contributing to a greener environment. After its minimum 7-year life expectancy, WellnessMats can be recycled.
Are WellnessMats Safe And Non-Toxic?
  Yes. WellnessMats polyurethane does not contain PVCs or BPAs and has been rigorously tested and proven to be safe. WellnessMats are also Latex free.
Are Your Mats Safe for Radiant Floors?
  Yes. WellnessMats are flame resistant, will never ignite, and have a melting point of 400(f) degrees making them safe for radiant flooring systems. We have passed CFR 1630/1631 Standard for the Surface Flammability of Carpets and Rugs.
Can I Cut WellnessMats To “Fit” (Example: Corner, Lazy Susan, Pillar)?
  Yes, you can cut WellnessMats without compromising the properties of your mat or voiding the warranty. With our unique one-piece construction, WellnessMats will never separate or delaminate when cut. Custom cutting is available upon request.
Can I Order Customized Mats?
  Customized mats are a great option for customers who want a larger size WellnessMat. If you do not see the requested size listed, please call an account representative to discuss the specific dimensions needed. We are happy to help create a custom mat and inquiries can be made at 1-800-981-4979 or
Do WellnessMats Have An Odor?
  The polyurethane construction of WellnessMats will not produce “off -gassing”, unlike rubber, vinyl and/or biodegradable foam mats.
How Do I Handle A Return?
  We would be happy to work with you in the event that you feel the need to return a WellnessMat. Please call us at 1-800-981-4979 to obtain a Return Authorization number and further instructions.
How Do Seasons Covers Work?
  Seasons Covers have openings cut into the non-slip bottoms that allow the consumer to easily insert their 3x2 WellnessMat, then secure the cover in place. They are machine washable and an exciting addition to the comfort your customers have come to love.
How Do You Clean WellnessMats?
  Our WellnessMats require little to no special care, so you can spot clean, sweep, stick vacuum (non-brushrolled), or mop. Most spills can easily be cleaned with a towel. For more difficult stains, clean with mild soap and water.
How Do You Justify The Cost Of A WellnessMat?
  WellnessMats are made of 100% polyurethane which is a petroleum based product. They are also a molded one-piece construction mat, so the costs of producing them are much higher than less expensive multi-layered glued together mats. Our “Best In Class” WellnessMats come with a comprehensive 7-year performance warranty. If you take an original 3’x2’ at $119.95 and divide that over 7 years, you are only paying $17.14 per year to own a premium anti-fatigue floor mat.
How Much Do The WellnessMats Weigh?
  Companion Mat - 4 lbs.; 3’ x 2’ – 7.6 lbs.; 6’ x 2’ – 13.8 lbs.; 6’ x 3’ – 21 lbs.; 5’ x 4’ – 21 lbs.; 3’ x 2’ – 6.4 lbs.; 5’ x 3’ – 15.7 lbs.
How Thick Are The WellnessMats?
  WellnessMats are, 3/4” thick. That’s 50% more mat (mat = comfort) than many other premium mats on the market.
What Are The WellnessMats Made Of?
  All WellnessMats are made with our APT – Advanced Polyurethane Technology. The core of APT is polyurethane – a premium standard for anti-fatigue mats. It is more expensive than other commonly used materials, but offers the best support and comfort every time you stand on one and it provides exceptional value over time. This gives WellnessMats an extended life cycle, making them environmentally friendly. For additional information on our APT, visit the Benefits section of our site and click on APT Technology.
What Does Anti-microbial Mean?
  Anti-microbial is a term given to an object that is capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms. Other mats use additive anti-microbial liquid bases to coat their mats. Coated type mats tend to wear off over time and could cause the growth of bacteria. WellnessMats are anti-microbial – by design…inherent in our material formulation. No additives are necessary.
What Is A Seasons Cover?
  Seasons Covers are a removable, interchangeable covers that fit our standard 3x2 WellnessMats and offers consumers a chance to add variety and color to their home. We offer unique and beautiful patterns as well as soft cuddle options for both the Kitchen and the Vanity.
Where Can WellnessMats Be Used?
  WellnessMats can be used anywhere in the home where standing occurs. Our mats are perfect for use in the kitchen, vanity, grilling areas, fitness or laundry room. WellnessMats are also commonly found in commercial or workplace environments.
Will WellnessMats Stain My Floor?
  WellnessMats are free of the paints and coatings that cause staining; our unique proprietary engineering allows the color pigment to be directly injected into the polyurethane.

Company research has found that some types of flooring, and Linoleum in particular, may be made from raw, sometimes inexpensive materials including linseed oil. This type of flooring and floors sealed with a non-urethane based sealer may have a tendency to cause slight discoloring when covered. Although very rare, a few cases are known where linseed oil or the adhesives used to seal floors have an oxidation effect due to lack of UV light over time. This adverse effect could happen with any type of floor covering. If you have any concerns about the chance of any discoloration or material reaction, it is our recommendation that you contact your floor installer to learn more about your finish.

If you have further questions, please email us and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.